reading revival 2

the first sequel. reading revival 2 reads ngarla songs by alexander brown & brian geytenbeek: a collection of 20C indigenous songs translated from ngarla into english. for previous revival incarnation hit link below.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

more on translation from an email from jeff s

I know it is too late for your blog but i thought this may be of interest. In Giorgio Agamben's "Remnants of Auschwitz" he cites various poets. The poetry is presented in the Italian, in the format of the poem with verse or whatever, then translated into English as one paragraph, looking like a piece of prose, dispensing with the formal layout of the poem, no verses etc. The translations give a very good 'appreciation' of the poem, but do not present as being the poem as such. I thought this would have been a good way to proceed with Ngarla Songs. The translations, this is with my having no understanding of any Aboriginal languages, seemed to me to be stiltled in atempting to match appropriate phrases. I felt frustrated often, feeling that I was missing something. Perhaps the approach adopted by Daniel Heller-Roazen in translating Agamben could have been of use to Brian Geytenbeek allowing for a more open translation (?).


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