reading revival 2

the first sequel. reading revival 2 reads ngarla songs by alexander brown & brian geytenbeek: a collection of 20C indigenous songs translated from ngarla into english. for previous revival incarnation hit link below.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

reading revival needs a revival. the blogs not dead but i have been discouraged .. parly by technical difficulties - problems with logging on which seem to have gone away, and also by lack of commentary -- & interest in the book when i went to w.a. its a very interesting book for lots of reasons as hopefully my posts have shown. the intention with r.r. was that it be a forum, a collective contribution to local critical culture .. but it seems to be mainly a disconnected monologue (an interesting new critical form tho i think). i am considering the possibility of the blog becoming more of a support for a poetry book group(s) with less regular postings. any feedback welcome.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Louise said...

you could keep posting your thoughts and takes on various books. comments would add something, but what you have to say about the work under review is worthwhile. people are reading the blogs, just not always participating by making comments. i do think a blog that is depending on reader comments and interaction in order to work, is, well, harder to sustain...
good luck with it all,


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